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Fire safety signs

Fire exit sign


Assembly Point

No Smoking

Danger High voltage

Fire Safety Signage

1: Commercial industrial and architectural environments fire safety sign assembly point and building flor number signs.

2: Schools fire safety sign rooms and office classes signs assembly point.

3: Hotel fire safety exit assembly point any others location parking area signs.

4: Restaurant all type signs show the correct location and any emergency exit signs fire safety assembly point.

5: Offices fire safety, fire extinguishers, fire exit assembly point office number sign parking.

6: Hospitals emergency parking bike parking no smoking sign fire safety fire exit signs.

7: Shopping mall fire safety fire exit parking sign smoking area sing assembly point.

Exit Sign

Emergency Exit Sign

Size 12" inches by 6" inches

Man with Right Arrow

Man with Left Arrow

Man with Up Arrow

Man with Down Arrow

First Aid Sign

Emergency Assembly Area Size

This Emergency Assembly Point Pavement Marking Sign is a great way to communicate to employees the location of the meeting place in case of emergency (Fire emergency assembly point).

It is easier to install than painting with stencils, and has the advantage of not requiring dry time.

Fire and any other emergency assembly point signs are essential for identifying the emergency areas of safety where persons should assemble in the emergency point location.


Size: Height= 24", Width= 24"


Water proof

Highly Visible, Non-Fade

15 times thicker than paint

No equipment needed

Durable rubber material

Hospital Sign

Emergency Sign


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