Cooper JSB Fire Alarm

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Cooper fire alarm systems

Menvier fire alarm system

JSB fire alarm system

Founded in 1975 Menvier followed a path of consistent growth, quickly becoming one of the UKs leading manufacturers of conventional and intelligent addressable fire products.

Menvier fire products are manufactured in Don Caster alongside many other Cooper facilities worldwide, before being sold around the globe.

JSB Fire Alarm Systems

JSB addressable fire alarm system

JSB conventional fire alarm system

JSB was founded in 1962; the business has now grown into a major supplier of conventional and intelligent addressable fire detection products which are renowned for both style and value for money best products provider.

Fire Alarm System Whether the system integrates with a home security system or large commercial building we provide a monitored fire alarm system for every application. to protect your people and property Quality Provider Fire Alarm systems provide info

Cooper fire with Eaton

Cooper fire website (www.cooperfire.com) move to eaton web now find cooper fire and more products by Eaton websits Eaton Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm Products list

1: Wireless fire alarm system

2: Smoke detector

3: Heat detector

4: Fire alarm sounder

5: Conventional Fire Alarm System Panel

6: Addressable Fire Alarm System

7: Detectors Fire Alarm System

8: Call points Fire Alarm System

9: Bells

wireless fire alarm system, smoke detector, heat detector, fire alarm sounder

Conventional Fire Alarm System

The Menvier MF200 & MF400 range of conventional control panels offer a competitive solution for smaller installations. Batteries offering 24 hours standby as standard Supports: 20 detectors per zone can be connected. Number of Alarm Lines 2 End of Line Devices Detection circuits: resistor AND Alarm lines: resistor 2 zone Panel Battery 24 V, end of line devices Resistor Competitive Price

Conventional Fire Alarm System Detectors

Detectors Smoke, Temperature, Heat conventional detectors have been specifically designed to operate with Menvier Fire Alarm control panels. Heat detectors MMT860, MHT890 will detect temperatures above 77ºC and 92ºC. Heat detector MFR830 is used to detect rapid increases in temperature with a maximum of 60ºC

Conventional Fire Alarm System Callpoints

Callpoint the MBG914 which can be either surface or flush mounted, The MBG917 which is a weatherproof version.

This attractively designed, Easy to install, Range of callpoints have been specifically developed to be compatible with Menvier conventional fire panels.

Quick and Easy install

Callpoint Fast fit clip on front cover

Testing key Single tool for test and access

Conventional Fire Alarm System Bells

Quick and Easy to install

High Quality sound output

Low current consumption

Multi-fixing base plate internal

IP54 rated Weatherproof

This type fire alarm bile used for other alarm system

Cooper Safety Signs Emergency Lighting

Cooper fire provide full range safety sign emergency Lighting exit sign stainless steel, plastic safety signs includes; BT Red care, emergency Lighting, leak detection, security and signage.

NS 8 Cooper Lighting


New Safe 8 Light ( NS 8 Lighting )

Competitive range

Easy to install, with snap-on lens

IP65 polycarbonate construction

Optional semi-recessing bezel

Exit legend kit available

Intellem, EasiCheckTM and CeaGuard self-testing option

Available in self-contained, AC/DC and AC mains Slave versions

NS 8 Light Key Features

1: BSI kitemarked for peace of mind

2: ICEL registered with verified light performance

3: Competitive range

4: Easy to install, with snap-on lens

5: IP65 polycarbonate construction for durable through life performance

6: Optional semi-recessing bezel

7: Exit legend kit available

8: EasiCheck, Intellem and CeaGuard self-testing options

9: Available in self-contained, AC/DC and AC mains slave versions

10: Supplied with lamp


• Office

• Hospitals

• Hotels and pubs

• Corridors

• Toilets

• Exterior locations

• Industrials units and factories

• Universities,schools and colleges


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